3DLac PLUS 3D Printer Bed Adhesion Spray - 100ml
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3DLac PLUS 3D Printer Bed Adhesion Spray - 100ml

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3DLac PLUS spray is designed to help your prints stick to the bed. It is designed to increase fixation and use less than regular 3D Lac.

Can be used with a heated or non-heated bed, and a variety of materials.

I personally put 3DLac PLUS to the test on one of our largest 3d print service machines that has a 500mm x 500mm glass bed and no enclosure.

I printed a design that is 500mm long diagonally across the bed in ABS.  Just to make it interesting I sliced the design with 50% infill and 5 perimeters. This would generally guarantee the creation of a banana like print with the ends of the print peeling off the bed in a short period of time.

The result? while the print did lift... it was only the very tips of the design and only about 5-10mm of the very ends of the print. Very impressed!!

In addition to that the base of the print looked glossy just like it would had I printed with no adhesive at all. 

Print removal is still relatively easy and leaves little residue. Residue can be washed off in water.

Discover the advantages of 3DLAC PLUS!

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