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Wiiboox Sweetin 3d Printer for food and chocolate
Wiiboox Sweetin Chocolate/Food 3D Printer - Available NOW with FREE Delivery!
Sweetin auto leveling 3D printer food/Chocolate
Wiiboox Sweetin food 3D Printer
Wiiboox Sweetin Chocolate/Food 3D Printer - Available NOW with FREE Delivery!
Wiiboox Sweetin Food/Chocolate 3D Printer
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Wiiboox Sweetin Chocolate/Food 3D Printer - Available NOW with FREE Delivery!

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WiiBoox Sweetin Chocolate/Food 3D Printer

Create More Than Sweet

WiibooxSweetin 3D Chocolate Printer is an innovative application of advanced 3D printing technology in the food industry which can lead you into a new business model.

Easy Operation

Free and easy-to-use downloadable software

It’s super easy to use! Just load the 3d model files into the machine and start printing. Users can control the process of printing in real time with the full color touch screen. It’s a magic chocolate converter, turn all your creative DIY ideas into delicious, cool and funny treats!


Medical grade
reusable tube


Real-time Control

Due to real-time temperature control, every little change is adjustable and controllable. This not only makes your creation more exquisite, but also protects the nutritional ingredients from damage.

Auto leveling

The first layer is the foundation of any good 3D print. WiibooxSweetin calibrates itself automatically to save you time and to guarantee a perfect foundation for every print.


Specs and printable mediums.



Net weight




Printing Size

90mm x 90mm x 70mm/110mm x 110mm x 75mm

Positioning Accuracy

XY Axis:0.1/100mm Z Axis:0.01/100mm E Axis:0.01/100mm

Nozzle Diameter


Nozzle Quantity


Printing Speed


File Formats


Printing Ingredients Usual Pinhead Size(mm) Extrusion Head Temperature(℃) Default Speed (%) Printing Maximum Height(cm) Pumpback Volume (mm) Retracting Speed (mm/s)
Dark Chocolate 0.6-0.84 37 100 8.5 2 50
White Chocolate 0.6-0.84 33 100 8.5 2 50
Biscuits 0.84 Normal Temperature 100 7 2 50
Creamy Candy 0.84 Normal Temperature(Winter35) 100 10 2 50
Mashed Potato 0.6-0.84 Normal Temperature 100 3 2 50
Jam 0.84 Normal Temperature 100 9 2 50
Minced Meat 0.84 Normal Temperature 100 9 2 50

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