Flashforge Creator 3 PRO IDEX 3D Printer
Flashforge Creator 3 PRO New Extruder design
Flashforge Creator 3 PRO New Extruder design
Flashforge Creator 3 PRO New Extruder design with sensors
Flashforge Creator 3 PRO Heated bed
Flashforge Creator 3 - IDEX features soluble support
Flashforge Creator 3 Duplicate model printing
IDEX support Flashforge Creator 3
Flashforge Creator 3 PRO New processor
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Flashforge Creator 3 PRO IDEX 3D Printer. Independent Dual Extrusion

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Flashforge Creator 3 PRO - Independent Dual Extrusion 3D Printer.

The Creator 3 PRO includes upgraded extruders with dual cooling fans., a new nozzle design, new sensors on the extruders for improved leveling, a faster heating bed and a new onboard processor.

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We have 4 x Creator 3 printers in service for client print jobs (along with 26 other printers)

The first Creator 3 we set up for our print service has now clocked up over 3400 hours (at the time of typing this) on our Creator 3's producing prints in Nylon, Polycarbonate, ASA, ABS, TPU, PLA, PLA with PVA supports PETG and more. 

If you are after real service form a business that uses their 3d printers day in day out for mass production, not just demo purposes and printing trinkets, give us a call.

The Flashforge Creator 3 PRO-

One of the most exciting machines the company is debuting is the Flashforge Creator 3. FlashForge have taken all they learnt from their Star Printer (Creator Pro) and implemented their findings into the structure of the Creator3.

The new printer houses an independent dual-extruder system (IDEX) and a removable/heatable platform. It can work with a whole range of materials such as ABS/PLA/Nylon/PVA/Flex/TPU/TPE/HIPS.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro is a high end printer at a reasonable cost. 

It employs a dual extruder printing system (IDEX).

The extruders are high temperature capable from factory. (320 degrees C)

The two extruders can work on a single model printing in dual colour, dual material or utilising soluble supports.

They can also work by producing the same model twice side by side in duplicate or in mirror mode.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro has a dual fan system on the back, much like the Inventor, to keep the internal area cool when printing in PLA.

It can print with a huge variety of filaments which makes it more flexible in terms of printing your desired model in your desired material.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro has a new extruder design with dual fan independent cooling.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro has a new nozzle design more like traditional extruders.

The Creator 3 Pro extruders are now equipped with new design sensors to improve the leveling process.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pros bed can reach 110 degrees C in 3 minutes.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro is equipped with an upgraded processor.

Extruder quantity 2,independent (IDEX)
Printing precision ±0.2 mm
Position precision X/Y axis:0.011 mm;Z axis:0.0025 mm
Layer thickness 0.05~0.4 mm
Build size 300 x 250 x 200 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Printing speed 10~150mm/s
Highest extruder temperature 320℃
Filament diameter 1.75mm(±0.07mm)
Filament type PLA/ABS / PA / PC / PVA / HIPS / PETG / Wood / Nylon
Power supply 100-240V/5.9A,500W
Device size 627(H)*485(W)*615(H)mm
Packaging size 750(H)*624(W)*732(H)mm
Net weight 40kg
Gross weight 52
Slicing software Flashprint 
Flashprint language Chinese/English/Arabic/Czech/French/German/Spanish/Japanese/Polish/Turkish
Screen language Simple/Traditional Chinese/English/French/Greman/Japanese
Input/Output file type Input:3MF/ STL / OBJ/FPP/BMP/PNG/JPG/JPEG File;
OutputGX/G File
Printing connection USB Disk/ WIFI
Certification CE / FCC / RoHS
Working temperature 15-30℃
Compatible operating system Win xp/Vista/7/8/10、Mac OS、Linux
Compatible slicing software  Simplify 3D, Slic3r, Skeinforge(Manual set up)
Heated bed  Yes
Closed design  Yes
Auxiliary leveling  Yes
Filament detection  Yes
Replaceable print bed  Yes
Ultra quiet design  No
Continue last printing when power off  Yes
Intelligent door sensor  Yes
Touch LCD screen  Yes
Duplicate and mirror mode printing  Yes
Webcam  Yes
Wireless WIFI  Yes
Ethernet  Yes
USB stick Interface  Yes
Air filter  Yes
Magnetic Printing bed  Yes
Cloud  Yes

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