Flashforge Creator Pro 2 IDEX 3d printer
Flashforge creator pro 2 IDEX 3d printer
Flashforge Independent dual extrusion creator pro 2 3d printer
Flashforge creator pro 2 3d printer Filament
Flashforge creator pro 2 Duplicate printing 3d printer
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Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer - Independent Dual Extruder - (IDEX)

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Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer.

The Creator Pro 2 is the upgrade of the classic and reliable workhorse, the Creator Pro, Boasting a new IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system with the ability to print 2 colours/materials on one model without the other extruder nozzle getting in the way.

It can also print 2 of the same design side by side to double your production rate with its duplicate or mirror mode printing functions. (this is how we use our Creator Pro 2 3d printers most of the time)

It has a new touchscreen interface similar to the Inventor too.

Much like the original Creator Pro, I'm sure over time the Creator Pro 2 will prove itself as a reliable work horse and a favorite printer at 3D Printing Pro. 

What do you get?

For starters- The best support service available form someone that actually uses the 3D printers they sell. :-)


Extruder number:2

Extruder diameter:0.4mm

Highest temperature of extruder:240℃ (In standard form)

Build Volume:200*148*150mm (Mirror/duplicate build size: 80*148*150mm)

Print Speed:10-100mm/s

Highest temperature of platform:120℃ 

Support Filament: PLA,Pearl PLA,PVA,ABS,ABS Pro,HIPS


Printer Volume:526*360*403(550)mm

Screen:Touch Screen

Net Weight:15kg

Gross Weight:21kg

Power:100-240 VAC,47-63Hz 


Data transmission:USB cable,SD card


Output: GX/G files


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