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The Flashforge Finder 3 is a great cost effective 3d printer with impressive capabilities.
As an advanced version of the Finder 2, the Finder 3 is upgraded with functions such as power loss recovery, filament run-out reminder and support for TPU 95A flexible filament printing.
190×195×200mm Build Volume
Durable and more temperature-resistant extruder with the maximum printing temperature up to 260℃
Its has a direct drive extruder that can print TPU 95A flexible filament.
The Finder 3 can save the printing status in the event of an unexpected power failure and continue printing after the power is restored.
When the filament is used up or accidentally broken, Finder 3 will alarm and pause printing, and then continue printing after the filament is replaced.
The removable glass platform and PEI magnetic steel plate platform are available. Easy platform removal and replacement to meet your printing needs.
Machine Type Finder 3
Extruder Type Direct drive extruder
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Maximum Extruder Temperature 260℃
Platform Heating Temperature ≤110℃
Printing Precision ±0.2mm
Printing Speed ≤180mm/s
Build Volume 190×195×200mm
Supported Filament PLA/ABS/HIPS/PETG/ PETG PRO/TPU 95A
Touch Screen 4.3-inch
Language Chinese/English/Japanese/ French/German/Spanish
Connectivity USB/Internal storage/Wi-Fi
Assisted Leveling
Resume Printing After Power Failure
Filament Run-out Reminder
Removable Platform
Silent Operation

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