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Polysher by Polymaker

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  • Post-Processing Machine : Polymaker Polysher is a post-processing machine designed for polishing the extrusion-based FDM/FFF 3D printed parts with PolySmooth to achieve a shining, layer-free surface finish. 


  • Safe & Easy To Use: No heating is involved - The nebulizer technology requires only a very small reservoir - It is a liquid-phase polishing rather than vapour-phase polishing process. All electronic components are properly sealed, and no spark can be generated inside the chamber. Placing it on your desk, simply twisting the dial to set the time, the post-process will start and end automatically. 


  • Low Costs: The Polysher is not only affordable but its running cost is incredibly low too. Isopropyl alcohol (also known as isopropanol) or Ethanol are both suitable. You can choose whatever is more easily available for you. 


  • NOT A 3D Printer: the Polysher is NOT a 3D printer. You still need a extrusion-based, FDM/FFF 3D printer in order to use our new products. Specifically, PolySmooth is a new filament that you can print with your 3D printer, just like how you print with your PLA. Once the printing is done, you can post-process your printed objects in the Polysher to obtain the amazing surface finish.



Nebulized Aerosol Polishing

Compatible Material:

Polishing Liquid:
Isopropanol or ethanol, 70% or above [90% or higher recommended]

Polishing Time:
10 – 30 min typical (depending on part size)

Product Dimensions:
230 x 270 x 370 mm

Maximum Polishable Part Size:
Up to a 150 mm (diameter) x 180 mm (height) cylinder

Operating Temperature:
15 – 32 °C

Storage Temperature:
0 – 38 °C

Power Requirements:
100 – 240 V, 2A max, 50/60 Hz


*Please note that the Isopropyl alcohol  or ethanol is NOT included. We also don’t sell Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol but his can be found online or in hardware stores


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